The grants positively impact the communities we serve.


Children LEARN to Read

Children trust experienced volunteer tutors. They enjoy learning at their own pace, and that's when it "sticks." Remember the pride you felt learning how to read?


Children LEARN Responsibility

Children learn and feel what it means to be responsible. To family. To friends. To community. They take genuine pride in their responsibilities.


Children LEARN Confidence

it is very empowering for a child to sit on an 800 - 1200 lb animal and be in charge. More progress can be accomplished with a child on a horse in five minutes than in six months of traditional therapy.  

Kids Ranch is an early intervention and prevention program for children 6-10 years who struggle with life challenges.
— Anna M. Krause, Executive Director, Kids Ranch

ABOUT KIDS RANCH Anne Rakos, a child and family therapist who founded Kids Ranch in 1998, noticed that many of the children she was working with were struggling with reading. If a child doesn’t learn to read by the third grade, there is a very strong chance they will be illiterate. Why do some children learn to read easily and some do not? In addition to brain chemistry, Anne knew that the child’s environment had a direct effect on their ability to learn. What makes a child feel safe, solid, confident, loved, and secure? Often it is one caring adult, one person who truly pays attention to who they are and what they need. The loss of a parent, parents’ substance abuse and/or incarceration, divorce, housing insecurity/homelessness, food insecurity, physical and/or sexual abuse are just some of the issues that many of the children who attend Kids Ranch deal with in their daily lives. 

Kids Ranch pairs children, ages 6-10, with adult tutors, volunteers, and junior counselors. We work on teaching children how to read. We also provide emotional and mental support to address the needs of the whole child. Children aren’t built to deal with adult problems. They are supposed to be able to learn to read, play outside, have playmates, chase butterflies and pick berries, ride horses, play games, learn life skills, and develop meaningful relationships with their peers, adults, and the environment. Kids Ranch wants every child to have strong self-esteem, be respectful of themselves and others. We want children to be caring, confident, and competent. These are the tools, the goals, Kids Ranch strives to give each and every child we serve.

Kids Ranch allows children to have the childhood they’re meant to have.
Kids Ranch wants every child to have strong self-esteem, be respectful of themselves and others, be caring, confident and competent. These are the goals we strive to give each child we serve.

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